The Vice That Keeps on Giving: Electronic Cigarettes


For  over two years I have been a non-smoker. In 2011 I purchased my first electronic cigarette (“e-cigarette”), quit my cigarette habit, and started “vaping” instead. I fancy myself sort of a trend-setter because back then e-cigarettes were still relatively obscure, whereas now they have evidently gained popularity because I see people puffing away on them often. If you want to call it a vice, then by all means, go ahead; it is a comparatively benign and affordable vice- and one I don’t intend to give up anytime soon. Continue reading


Manic Movie Binge

I’m no movie buff. I can’t quote my favorite lines off the top of my head and recount plots with excruciating detail. I’ve never participated in a movie marathon, like watching all the Star Wars movies or Lord of the Rings films in a row (ehhh, now that I think about it, I did watch the Evil Dead trilogy on one of those decadent late nights). Continue reading

Daily Prompt: State of My Year

In response to the daily prompt for today, seen here, I will have to be fairly brief, as my home internet has been inexplicably down for the past two days, hence my lack of an entry yesterday.

2013 has been a decidedly life-changing year since I was forced to examine my life with new eyes due to grappling with depression and anxiety. I took a close look at things that were causing my constant state of dismay, and determined several causes- Continue reading

On Celibacy and Depression

I dearly love my female platonic friends, but I have noticed that not being lovers limits communication to certain safe areas. Sexual relationships afford me a free pass to be more spontaneous. Being sexually uncensored appears to give me permission to be less controlled and sanitized in general. I don’t watch my words as carefully.

Upon reading this excerpt on Soul Embrace’s blog (the entire entry can be found here), I immediately thought about how this truth pertains to depression and loneliness. Continue reading

Daily Prompt: From the Collection of the Artist

Challenging myself to do this “daily prompt” is not something I expected to do, especially at this time of night. The importance of enhancing the brain cells I have left cannot be underestimated, and this prompt is thought-provoking indeed. I took some liberties in my imagination of human life sustaining science in the future, and some other things, just for fun.  Continue reading