Daily Prompt: From the Collection of the Artist

Challenging myself to do this “daily prompt” is not something I expected to do, especially at this time of night. The importance of enhancing the brain cells I have left cannot be underestimated, and this prompt is thought-provoking indeed. I took some liberties in my imagination of human life sustaining science in the future, and some other things, just for fun. 

It’s the year 2113. A major museum is running an exhibition on life and culture as it was in 2013. You’re asked to write an introduction for the show’s brochure. What will it say?

NOTHING TO BE DESIRED: A Glimpse into the Infinite Information Age

A polygraph test and haute couture cat pajamas. A bidet and Beyonce Knowles. Ubiquitous cafes and design-your-own yogurt shops. How do these things relate to one another? In 2013, you may have had to consult with your not very aptly-named “Smart” phone to get the answer.

Nothing to Be Desired” is a retrospective a century in the making. Endeavoring to be both aesthetically authentic to the early 21st century, and having spent countless hours interviewing centenarians who pioneered in science, entertainment, and culture of the time, our historian curators and donors have conjured a “feel” of the time that will both inspire and provoke discussion.

This particular exhibit is the long-awaited first in a series of revelatory explorations of the bygone era that will be hosted by this museum as well as sister museums in the Pacific Southwest area. Here today, we turn our attentions to the information technology (and the demand thereof), over-the-top personalities, and popular culture of the United States of America, then considered to be a superpower on the global stage.

Due to some intense imagery and language, children under 14 not permitted. Kids under 14 eat for 50% off with the purchase off adult entree and beverage at the  “2013 How ‘Bout Some Yogurt with Fruit on Top and More”  restaurant located nest to the exhibit.

Leave your party pooper pants at the door in the “Dude, I Shit You Not!” room, and prepare to gawk at the decadent water and energy usage of 2013 Americans who luxuriated in 20- minute showers and microwave ovens in the year before Ed Begley Jr.’s cross-country proselytizing bike ride and accompanying documentary finally changed people’s minds about global warming.

Extroversion” is a haunting and psychedelic short film played on a loop in the 2013 screening room. Here, pioneering filmmakers and centenarians David Lynch and Cillian Murphy team up to bring you a look at the concept of extroversion that once threatened the idea of self-reflection, and in turn, any hope of original thought. Upon exiting the screening room, one can see the genuine rendering of clusters of writing desks facing each other as in a classroom to encourage team work, and a TV monitor positioned above a gas tank, as if the gasoline-pumping patrons were never to be, even for a moment, alone.

Prepare to have your mind blown at the “Ught, This is Going to Kill Me” found-art installation. “Smart” mobile phones, computer tablets, and electronic book-reading machines elucidate the tech-savvy 2013 American’s demand for immediate information, no matter how asinine. “What was Balki Bartokomous’s catch-phrase on the [20th century] comedy show Perfect Strangers?” The answer to this and other astoundingly ridiculous questions awaits you in this delightfully cheeky exhibit.

Finally, the hallway of fascinating early 21st century artifacts will lure you into the “Personalities” exhibit. You’ll have a hologram meet-and-greet with any three fascinating personalities of the day. You may find yourself glued to the hologram-projecting module for quite a while, with a choice of hundreds of famous people like Adam Sandler, John Kerry, Nicki Mnaj, and broadcast news investigative reporter Keith Morrison- all who made 2013 a . . . fascinating year.


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