Daily Prompt: Back to School

“If you could take a break from your life and go back to school to master a subject, what would it be?”

If the choice were to be made solely based on interest rather than practicality, I would love to master comedy. I see a lot of female comedians on TV who are candid and sometimes witty. “Hey!” I think. “I can be candid and sometimes witty!”My material needs some polishing. My impersonations need some practice (my Bob De Niro tends to get rusty if not conjured frequently). But I think laughter is a great gift to give the world, and If I had nothing but time to sit down, write material, and perform regularly in front of qualified critics, I could be WINNING (. . . I do a good Charlie Sheen too).

As far as I know there’s not really such a thing as a school of comedy, but if there were it would probably be a poor option for any amateur comedian worth her salt; sure ,comedy as a concept is formulaic in that there’s generally a set-up followed by a punchline, but the heart of comedy is delivery and persona – qualities that cannot be easily attained in the traditional scholastic manner. An improvisation club might be a valid option. Improvisation was my forte in high school acting classes, and cracking up my classmates and the teacher gave me a high that is unlike anything else I’ve tried.

Comedy for a long time was a man’s game, but funny ladies like Kristen Wiig really inspire me. I wouldn’t dream of reaching Kristen Wiig’s fame, but having a chance to master my personal brand of comedy would give me an earnest satisfaction.


What do you think?

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