What People Listen to While Driving in Their Toyota Echos

I’ve had the original mix of the song “Gabriel” by Joe Goddard featuring Valentina on repeat in my car for about a week now. I just love this song. It’s as danceable as any pop song I hear on the radio, but it has coherent lyrics that actually rhyme. They just don’t make ’em like that anymore.

I don’t know who Valentina is, but I think she sounds like Shakira without all the yodeling and nasally bravado. I know very little about  Joe Goddard other than that he is in Hot Chip, a British band which people who wear skinny pants and fluorescent-colored chest-hair baring shirts enjoy. Based on this song I’d say he has a good deal of super sweet musicianship and would give David Guetta a run for his money. If you don’t know who David Guetta is, he is a French guy who produces music and is responsible for 90% of songs that feature somebody featuring somebody featuring somebody.

I put the song on my newest self-made mix CD (yes, I still make mix CDs) which I titled the “Anxiety Mix.” “Gabriel” is track four and is featured amongst songs by Icona Pop, Anorak, and Calvin Harris. “Gabriel” and the Anorak songs are the most gender-neutral on my mix CD, but the other songs are more appropriate for those days when you are loaded on estrogen.

Hope you like the song.


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