Keeping Busy

My room is a mess right now because I’ve been feverishly cleaning out my dresser and closet for several hours. That chore, of course, goes along with seemingly unending loads of laundry. What makes the chore particularly time-consuming is going through the four garbage bags full of hand-me-downs that a friend has given me over the past couple of years. I had already picked through the bags many times to pull out the items that I immediately liked and knew would fit me, but never got around to rummaging through the remaining items, so the garments were left crumpled up in the bags which were stuffed into various corners of my room until today. Tomorrow I will make a trip to the Good Will, where my leftovers will become their problem.

Lately I’ve been on an organization and self-improvement kick that I just can’t shake. I’ve always been a self-improvement junkie- a perfectionist for lack of a less hackneyed term. Some might say that is an exhausting approach to life, but expanding my self-awareness makes me happy. In retrospect, I think complacency and a jarring halt to my self-improvement ventures was a major part of my recent bout with depression; it’s hard to say if the chicken or the egg came first.

Feeling consistently better by the day, its becoming easier and easier to do things I’ve been meaning to do. On Saturday, I took a three-hour long class on Microsoft Excel at my local library, which Ii hope will prove beneficial to me when I return to my office job next week. I even got this book at the library called The Quarterlifer’s Companion, which I haven’t started reading yet, but maybe it will help me through this time which I jokingly refer to as my “quarter-life crisis.”

The prospect I’m most excited about now is going back to school. I’m going to an information orientation for a dental assistant program at a local college on Thursday. I’m kind of anxious about it, but hopeful too. I will let you know how it goes.


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