Keep on Moving

I had to give myself a break from blogging yesterday. I figure I can consider myself part of the post-a-day club if I’m posting something like, 17 blogs out of every 21 days, right?

Yesterday my long-time friend/ roommate and I went on an excursion to Pasadena, where we surprisingly did not go out for sushi, but instead settled for Del Taco after practicing billiards a little closer to home. It ended up turning into a late night, and I was pretty beat by the time I got home, hence no blog.

Today the busy-ness bug bit me again, as I had to go to a morning appointment with my “analyst,” then quickly off to the dental assistant program orientation at a local community college. I rushed as quickly as I could to the orientation, which was to begin about an hour after my therapist appointment let out. The college is about an hour away from my therapist’s office, but I like to allow myself about an hour-and-a-half whenever going to an unfamiliar location, as I am want to get lost because of difficulty reading street signs (darned cone dystrophy!) I was sure they would not allow me in when I got there ten minutes late, but they did let me in, and guess what: I was the only person who attended!

I put on my best “potential dental assistant” hat, and tried to get as much out of the one-on-one orientation as I could. I asked if the career choice is doable for someone like myself who has a mild macular degeneration. The orientation director assured me that there are magnifying devices that can be worn while working on a patient.

After the orientation, I spent the rest of my day continuing with my big closet clean-out. As my return-to-work date draws nearer, I am determined to enhance what little space I have to make the things I need easily accessible so that getting ready in the morning will be a breeze. My goal is to not feel so frantic and rushed on work mornings anymore; it will mean having to get up earlier, but I think it’s worth it.

I’m pretty exhausted and just realized I haven’t eaten all day except for a decaf ice-blended coffee, hence the very matter-of-fact tone of today’s post. Hopefully tomorrow will yield a more creative streak for me.


One thought on “Keep on Moving

  1. I enjoy reading your blog postings. They are very well written and entertaining–not pretentious and pompous as is the habit of your uncle Steve and myself. Keep it up.

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