Happy Things

Yesterday I did a post on the foods that make me happy, so why not continue with the theme? In light of my returning to work at my office job tomorrow (my supervisor told me over the phone today, “Welcome back to the chaos!”), I would rather focus on the happy than the worrisome. Thankfully, the pit of anxiety in my stomach has shrunken because I spent the last twenty minutes making a concerted effort to relax courtesy of some deep breathing and mindfulness practice. Now that my mind is clear, I’m ready to blog about the fashion and beauty items that are making me happy today!


  1. “Baker Street” nail polish by Nails Inc.:
    Despite my very defined sandal tan-lines, I still get a jolt of pep whenever I look down at my cobalt-blue colored toes. The color is called “Baker street,” so obviously I hum the iconic sax solo from the 1978 hit song of the same name each time I catch a glimpse of my tootsies. I don’t know where Baker Street is or what it’s like, but I like to imagine it’s a place where women with fashion-forward pedicures co-exist in twilight-colored, fog-machine foggy harmony. The only downside (if you’d call it that), is that the catchy tune inevitably gets stuck in my head.
  2. Image DKNY one-button blazer:
    I cannot wait until the fall so I can start wearing this smart blazer which was gifted to me by my step-mom, who found it at a consignment shop in New Hampshire. This is kind of weird, but my favorite thing about this blazer is that it makes my arms look strangely slender. This blazer is a tad more smart than my office job requires, and it is my understanding that it is commonly considered faux pas to dress better than upper management, but so what?
  3. Aloe Vera Gel: Target-brand aloe vera gel has made the last several days of my life livable. The sunburn I got courtesy of walking around the fair on a particularly sunny day threatened to torture me in the days leading up to my return to work. Luckily I found this tried-and-true remedy in a forgotten corner of my toiletries drawer. It does the trick, taking the sting out of the burn and making it possible to move my limbs without cringing in agony.
  4. ImageThese funky as all get-out earrings:   When I first saw these “Eyes and Arrows” earrings by Mata Traders, I totally thought they were ugly. Then I decided they aren’t ugly; they’re just more dangly and funky than I normally wear, and they have the potential to be a great accent to an otherwise boring outfit. They really are the biggest earrings I’ve ever owned, but as the kids say these days, YOLO. Yes, there is a first time for enormous earrings and a first time for saying “YOLO” without an ironic smirk.
  5. ImageMoisturizer: CeraVe is my favorite brand of lotion, and I have been buying their products for a couple of years now. It’s a bit more pricy than other drugstore brands, but I choose to scrimp in other areas because I’m so pleased with how well this brand works at smoothing out bumpy or plain old dry skin. I don’t like to wear perfume a lot, but I do like to mix in a little bit of Bath and Body Works plumeria-scented body lotion with the CeraVe so as not to overwhelm others with my scent. Most Bath and Body Works stuff gives me a headache, but I love the plumeria line. The lotion bottle describes the scent as a “sweet floral fragrance inspired by the tropics,” but I just call it heavenly!
  6. Aiming to be stressed less: As much as the beauty industry would have women believe that make-up and other products make a woman beautiful, I believe that beauty comes from within. I feel most beautiful when I acknowledge that I was made the way I am for a reason and can be at peace with that fact and embrace the confidence that comes from knowing as much. For that reason, I aim to stress less about my self-perceived flaws and focus on feeling peaceful on the inside. One way I have been doing that is by being still and silent for at least a few minutes a day to focus on being present in the moment. It takes daily practice because the mind wants to wander, but I’ve already felt the difference it’s made for me in just a few weeks.

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