Like Riding a Bicycle

Today was my second day back at work, and I couldn’t feel better about it. Thank you to all the great people in my life who were thinking of me and wishing me the best – I think it worked. Maybe I really overestimated the nosiness of people, but no one’s inquired as to why I was out so long. All I’ve gotten is a lot of warm welcoming back and people saying they’ve missed me and how glad they are I’m back. My boss gave me a huge hug when I came in yesterday morning. No animosity at all – I feel like a new person at work, and I’ve been sticking to my “constitution” that I posted earlier this week.

Things did change a bit while I was gone. We now have two new employees in my department to help out with the work load and call volume. I couldn’t be happier about that!

I’m already back on the phones, taking customer calls and doing my best to be helpful without over-extending myself. It’s time I acknowledge that I can’t do everything.

In other news, I was finally approved for my first credit card in nine years. It is a Macy’s card. I received the bill yesterday and immediately went to their website to pay my balance in full.      That is the trick to getting good credit! I’m also having a go at the “envelope” method of saving money; the envelope method just means I cash my paycheck and divide the cash into different envelopes for categories like food, gas, etc. That way I don’t overspend because when the cash is gone, it’s gone! Hopefully this will be a good way to save more money.

Tomorrow’s Friday, and I’m not sure what I’m doing this weekend, but it will probably involve sleeping in since I’ve only gotten about nine hours of sleep over the past two nights. I think my body is physically exhausted, and I need to nip it in the bud before it starts affecting my mental state.


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