What’s in a Name?

I’ve begun going by my full name at work rather than the nickname by which most people have referred to me for my entire life.

Now no one mistakenly calls me “Danny,” “Andy,” or “Amy.” My full name is distinctive enough that most customers calling in to our customer service department can easily understand the name through the phone and remember it too. It can be very annoying to have people call you the wrong name all day long!

I’m glad to be taking advantage of my unique name. I feel like going by my full name is part and parcel with the “new” me. My name has a nice ring to it and just rolls off my tongue, and it makes me feel more business-like and sophisticated at work.

Don’t worry- I’m not getting super militant about it and insisting that everyone refer to me by my given name. I just have developed a preference for it and will be referring to myself as such on many more occasions>


5 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

  1. Good for you (Madame I know as Annie). Your posts are charming and I’m glad that you are continuing to share your ups and downs; your insights and experiences, your thoughts and feelings. They’re comforting.

  2. My name is Frances – I don’t think any other name has as many different takes: I am called Frances, Franny, Fran, Francine, Franky, Fay(?), and two people insist on calling me Florence. Me I call myself Frances – simply frances. My father insisted on naming me Frances because it was his favorite. Have a lovely day AnnaMae.

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