My Weekend and Mini Goals for the Week

I found today’s daily prompt on to be far too ambitious for a lazy Sunday, so instead I’m taking it easy and breezy today. Ironically, considering my last post, I am looking forward to a new episode of 60 Minutes this evening. I have the music tastes of a forty-something dude,and I’m pretty sure not a lot of people my age look forward to 60 Minute in the salivating way that I do.

My best guy came down to visit this weekend. We went to a great local restaurant called Heroes & Legends that is known for their curly fries and ginormous, juicy burgers. After a week straight of eating leafy green, albeit hearty, salads for lunch, I was more than ready to chow down on my “Country Burger”- an Angus beef patty topped with egg scrambled with Andouille sausage, Swiss cheese, thousand-island dressing, lettuce and tomato on an onion bun. It was fabulous washed down with a gigantic mug of pink lemonade!

Afterwards we went and caught a movie at the multiplex – The World’s End produced by the same guys who did Shaun of the Dead. It was pretty funny, and a great way to laugh off some of the gajilions of calories I had taken in not too long ago.

It was really nice having my guy come down and see me to switch things up, but I have to say I do look forward to going to visit him in OC next weekend so we can go in the spa, and I can go for a long swim in the pool! Swimming is one of the new favorite things I’ve discovered recently.

I probably won’t get to go swimming during the week, seeing as I have no access to a pool at my place, but I do have a goal to get at least two exercise sessions in within the next five days. Aside from that, I also intend to get at least seven hours of sleep per night and continue to eat a big salad every day for lunch.

My most important goal for the week is to get more belly laughs in. I’m sad – well, more disappointed- that one of my coworkers had her last day on Friday because she’s going back to college. She was smart and also made me laugh while I was at work – something I had not done a lot of before. I still want to continue finding something to laugh about at work every day. I’m the type of person at work who really has to make a conscious effort to slow down before I spin out of control!


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