Tom Hanks: The Celebrity Everyone at Work Can Agree On

Forbes magazine recently ranked Tom Hanks as the second most trusted celebrity, right under James Earl Jones. How Forbes magazine has ranked something as subjective as trustworthiness, I do not know, but I would agree that Tom Hanks is just pretty rad. Continue reading


What People Listen to While Driving in Their Toyota Echos

I’ve had the original mix of the song “Gabriel” by Joe Goddard featuring Valentina on repeat in my car for about a week now. I just love this song. It’s as danceable as any pop song I hear on the radio, but it has coherent lyrics that actually rhyme. They just don’t make ’em like that anymore. Continue reading

Manic Movie Binge

I’m no movie buff. I can’t quote my favorite lines off the top of my head and recount plots with excruciating detail. I’ve never participated in a movie marathon, like watching all the Star Wars movies or Lord of the Rings films in a row (ehhh, now that I think about it, I did watch the Evil Dead trilogy on one of those decadent late nights). Continue reading