Happy Things

Yesterday I did a post on the foods that make me happy, so why not continue with the theme? In light of my returning to work at my office job tomorrow (my supervisor told me over the phone today, “Welcome back to the chaos!”), I would rather focus on the happy than the worrisome. Thankfully, the pit of anxiety in my stomach has shrunken because I spent the last twenty minutes making a concerted effort to relax courtesy of some deep breathing and mindfulness practice. Now that my mind is clear, I’m ready to blog about the fashion and beauty items that are making me happy today! Continue reading

Happy Foods

When people are trying to lose weight, usually the first step they take is to modify their diet. While the goal is always to cut calories, different things work for different people; one diet may not work for another person because of lifestyle differences.

I’m no health nut and do enjoy eating out a lot. Continue reading

Keep on Moving

I had to give myself a break from blogging yesterday. I figure I can consider myself part of the post-a-day club if I’m posting something like, 17 blogs out of every 21 days, right?

Yesterday my long-time friend/ roommate and I went on an excursion to Pasadena, Continue reading