Almost TV Fasting

I haven’t been watching a lot of TV lately. It’s not like I’m intentionally avoiding it. It’s just that whenever I even try to channel surf, which is usually for a couple of hours on the weekend, I get bored really quickly.

Nothing good is on TV right now other than Catfish: The TV Show, some educational shows, my usual crime-story news magazines like Dateline and 48 Hours Mystery, and Breaking Bad Continue reading


Week One Update and Death Chair

Remember how teachers always said not to lean back on the hind two legs of your chair? I never did that when I was in school, but I started doing it while blogging because i try to reach things on my nightstand behind me without getting out of my chair. Now I have totally compromised the structure of the chair by doing this; Continue reading

“Oh, you have an analyst?”

I do see a psychologist. Is there still a stigma about seeing a doctor for mental health reasons? To me, the answer is yes and no.

I would say “yes” because I would not want my co-workers, for example, to know that I am on a leave of absence for mental health reasons. I would be far more forthcoming if I had something of a physical ailment like a heart condition or (God forbid) pregnancy, but when it comes to revealing a personal struggle with depression and anxiety, it’s hard to foresee people being receptive to the notion. Continue reading