Almost TV Fasting

I haven’t been watching a lot of TV lately. It’s not like I’m intentionally avoiding it. It’s just that whenever I even try to channel surf, which is usually for a couple of hours on the weekend, I get bored really quickly.

Nothing good is on TV right now other than Catfish: The TV Show, some educational shows, my usual crime-story news magazines like Dateline and 48 Hours Mystery, and Breaking Bad Continue reading


Daily Prompt: The Full Moon

Whoever comes up with these daily prompts clearly relishes making me think too hard about hypothetical questions. I wish they would appreciate that I have a DVD of The Greatest Speeches of All-Time that’s due back at the library tomorrow, so I have to watch it in its entirety before bedtime. However I must get a quick blog in, or I just won’t feel right about going to bed having not written something today: Continue reading

Daily Prompt: State of My Year

In response to the daily prompt for today, seen here, I will have to be fairly brief, as my home internet has been inexplicably down for the past two days, hence my lack of an entry yesterday.

2013 has been a decidedly life-changing year since I was forced to examine my life with new eyes due to grappling with depression and anxiety. I took a close look at things that were causing my constant state of dismay, and determined several causes- Continue reading

On Celibacy and Depression

I dearly love my female platonic friends, but I have noticed that not being lovers limits communication to certain safe areas. Sexual relationships afford me a free pass to be more spontaneous. Being sexually uncensored appears to give me permission to be less controlled and sanitized in general. I don’t watch my words as carefully.

Upon reading this excerpt on Soul Embrace’s blog (the entire entry can be found here), I immediately thought about how this truth pertains to depression and loneliness. Continue reading

“Oh, you have an analyst?”

I do see a psychologist. Is there still a stigma about seeing a doctor for mental health reasons? To me, the answer is yes and no.

I would say “yes” because I would not want my co-workers, for example, to know that I am on a leave of absence for mental health reasons. I would be far more forthcoming if I had something of a physical ailment like a heart condition or (God forbid) pregnancy, but when it comes to revealing a personal struggle with depression and anxiety, it’s hard to foresee people being receptive to the notion. Continue reading